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SAPHNA is proud to have worked with an ever-expanding list of partners, with the support of an equally expanding list of sponsors. On this page we give you the opportunity to explore profiles and biographies of the people and organisations we work with along with those who support and sponsor the efforts we make to improve the health and well-being of children and young people.

While this list is not exhaustive it is a comprehensive list of the people and organisations we work with. Simply click on a logo below to learn more about the work we do with each partner; click each partner name to navigate to their respective websites to learn more about each partner.

Key Partners


Local Government Association

Other Key Partners

In addition to those featured above, we also work with the following groups:

Association of Directors of Children’s Services

We work in partnership with the ADCS to support improved health and well-being outcomes for children, young people and families through joined up, seamless approaches and service provision.

Examples of our work include: Health briefings regarding the School Nurses role on Emotional Health and well-being, Healthy Weight etc.


Local Government Association

We work with the LGA and commissioners of School Nursing services offering advice, support and expertise including School Nursing Service Reviews/Re-designs. We also produce joint products to educate and inform regarding the role of School Nursing in improving the outcomes for children, young people and their families.

Children and Young People’s Outcomes Framework Forum

As members of the CYPOF forum SAPHNA represent the voice of school and public health nurses, children and young people. Working with other key leaders of children’s health services across the country we strive to improve health outcomes through constructive challenge, rigour and response.

Health Conditions in Schools Alliance


HPV Action

National Forum of School Health Educators

Corporate Partners

We have worked with corporate partners since our inception and are recognised as experts to the industry regarding School and Public Health Nursing. Whilst complying with our ethical policy, NMC requirements and our constitution, we enjoy robust relationships. We have worked to produce training, education, resources, publications, critical advice, support, promotion and awareness raising with and across the School and public health nursing profession.

International Partners

Our expertise has been demanded and utilised by many countries, some developing School Nursing services from scratch, ie: Kuwait, and others with on-going change, challenge and development e.g. Malta, Ireland and more.



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