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Cherylynn Wray - Tuesday, October 09, 2018 -

SAPHNA is currently recruiting for trustees, committee members, Executive Lead Officer and Chair. The closing date for completed applications is 31st October 2018.


If you are interested in joining us please enquire via the ‘contact’ box on this website for further details. 

Executive lead officer SAPHNA JD


Principal duties:

Prepare a strategic plan with CEO and prepare annual budget for approval by the board of trustees

Operate within the annual budget and ensure management and HR policies are up-to-date

Work with CEO to build relationships with politicians, national leaders, the media and government officials in order to advance the organisation’s aims

Establish and monitor key indicators of SAPHNA’s impact and financial health

Represent SAPHNA at external events and publicity opportunities as relevant

Maintain awareness of risks and changes in the external environment that affect SAPHNA

Build an effective working relationship with the chair of the trustee board and the CEO

Supply regular reports to the trustee board and attend trustee and sub-committee meetings

Ensure SAPHNA’s committee, consultants and volunteers are focused on achieving its mission and aims

Identify and support committee members to represent SAPHNA at external meetings, committees and consultations according to their expertise

Ensure SAPHNA fulfils its legal, statutory and regulatory responsibilities

Establish mechanisms for listening to the views of beneficiaries on SAPHNA’s performance

Develop SAPHNA as an organisation to meet the changing needs of public health nurses

Develop and deliver SAPHNA’s business plan and, if necessary, help the organisation to win contracts from public bodies or develop social enterprise ‘spin offs’

Help to ensure a sustainable income from contracts, conferences, links with business and from individual, corporate, legacy and trust donations

Represent SAPHNA to the media and give interviews as relevant


Key skills

Leadership skills: A prime role of the executive lead officer is to motivate the committee, consultants and volunteers and he or she needs personal drive and energy to achieve this

Advocacy skills: The executive lead officer is often the public and private face of their organisation and need to be able to effectively promote its aims

Excellent interpersonal skills: The executive lead officer needs to build relationships with a variety of people, from beneficiaries and staff members to senior corporate executives and opinion formers

Financial acumen: The executive lead officer has to set and operate a budget and, increasingly, develop social enterprise activities that provide a surplus for the organisation

A quick learner: The executive lead officer needs prior knowledge of SAPHNA and needs to quickly get up speed with the situations of beneficiaries and the nature of service provision and aims



An undergraduate degree



Relevant experience

Experience in senior management or organisational leadership is essential. A unique feature of the job of charity executive lead officer is the need to work closely with the non-executive trustee board, so any experience of working with committees or boards is advantageous. Experience of working in the PHN sector is essential.



SAPHNA Chair, CEO, Executive Committee and Trustees and others


Roles and Responsibilities


All trustees, execs and committee members to uphold SAPHNAs charitable objects, Nolan principles for public life and internal policies and guidelines. These role summaries are not comprehensive and can be varied according to the needs of the organisation



Chief Executive Officer

The CEO is a member of the SAPHNA Committee


Responsibilities include:

Lead and develop strategies to develop, market and promote SAPHNA

Ensure SAPHNA meets its charitable objects

Lead income generation and fundraising to ensure sustainability of SAPHNA

Represent SAPHNA members at national and regional working parties, advisory panels and other meetings

Act as a liaison with the media

Promote SAPHNA where appropriate

To act as the main point of communication and networking in all matters both internal and external to SAPHNA

Present a current financial report to Committee meetings

Take overall responsibility with ELO and trustees for maintaining the SAPHNA as a charity in line with charitable objects and Charity Commission rules, financial rules and legal requirements





The Chair is a member of the SAPHNA Executive Committee


Other responsibilities include:

Is elected by the Executive Committee members for a period of 3 years.

Is responsible for representing the views of the Executive Committee and thereby SAPHNA

Lead SAPHNA and promote its interests

Coordinates the effective teamwork of the Executive Committee

Manages the Executive Committee and chairs all committee meetings and the AGM

To be responsible with CEO and ELO for developing and submitting an annual plan of activity

Coordinates activities within the committee

Act as spokesperson for SAPHNA when appropriate

Chair the annual SAPHNA conference

Represent SAPHNA at functions as appropriate

Be a supportive leader for all SAPHNA members

Promote the voice, welfare and health of children and young people

Take overall responsibility with CEO and ELO and trustees for maintaining the SAPHNA as a charity in line with charitable objects and Charity Commission rules, financial rules and legal requirements



Trustees cannot be paid for work for SAPHNA in line with Charity Commission rules


Responsibilities include:

Act in accordance with Charity Commission guidelines for trustees

Sign off the budget (this will be prepared by the accountant)

Authorise any financial transactions over agreed limit for ELO and CEO of £1000

Sign off an annual budget report for the AGM

Take overall responsibility with CEO and ELO for promoting and maintaining the SAPHNA as a charity in line with charitable objects and Charity Commission rules, financial rules and legal requirements

If required close down SAPHNA in accordance with Charity Commission rules

Ensure financial probity of SAPHNA


Committee Members

Attend conferences and meetings

Present best practice at conference as relevant

Facilitate local or regional meetings of school nurse to promote the profession

Provide expertise and consultation to SAPHNA

Provide training under the SAPHNA banner as relevant eg leadership, healthy weight

Create products under the SAPHNA banner as relevant eg clinical guidance, training materials etc

Represent SAPHNA on boards, committees and at events as delegated by CEO or ELO

Eg APPGs, National consultations, Health Conditions in Schools Alliance

Provide clinical and best practice advice to SAPHNA according to relevant knowledge and specialities

Provide advice for consultations and new documents

Committee members may do paid consultancy work on a daily rate which SAPHNA has been asked to do

Comment on consultations eg green papers etc

Support SAPHNA and promote its best interests at all times

Maintain confidentiality about SAPHNA business as appropriate

Maintain a professionally sensitive and positive communication style regarding SAPHNA including commenting on social media

Encourage and support children and young people’s voice to be heard in promoting their best interests and their health





The secretary is a member of the SAPHNA Committee


Other responsibilities include:

Organises meetings, teleconferences

Prepares and issues agendas, supporting papers and minutes of previous meetings

Take accurate notes at committee meetings and circulate to all committee members

Custodian of SAPHNA’s archive and current documents and data



Collect and bank any income into an established bank account in SAPHNAs name

Keep all receipts to provide proof of SAPHNA spending

Prepare annual budget statement

Provide advice to SAPHNA re legal, tax and financial issues

Ensure the fiscal probity of SAPHNA





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