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Pooky's Video Round Up: Eating Disorders, Anorexia,Depression & More

Cherylynn Wray - Wednesday, January 24, 2018 -

Pooky's most recent mental health videos:

Eating Disorders: I think my child has an eating disorder – what should I say?
This video is in response to several parents who have contacted Pooky asking for some ideas about how to start the conversation because they're worried that their child might have an eating disorder.

Let's mean it when we ask "How are You?"
Pooky considers the phrase 'how are you?' and the fact that it has become more of a social tic than a meaningful question - I explore how we can become a little better at asking, and answering, the question 'how are you' and why this would be beneficial.

What is #3GoodThings and why is it worth a go?
In this video, Pooky explains the concept of #3GoodThings which is my take on the practice of taking a moment to note your gratitude each day.

Box Breathing Technique - simple strategy to calm anxiety
Box breathing is a simple way to take control of your breathing and help you to feel calmer if your anxiety is rising.

Establishing good sleep hygiene
Pooky explores simple steps that we can take to enable us to get sleep that is better in terms of both quality and quantity.

Self-Harm -You asked: I was clean for 12 months, then I self-harmed.. what do I do next?
One of Pooky's YouTube subscribers asked what they should do as they'd managed to stop self-harming for 12 months but had recently self-harmed again. I explore next steps.

Anxiety: How a buddy can help you challenge yourself
Pooky explores the role that a buddy or ally can play in helping you challenge yourself - especially in difficult or new social situations - if you struggle with anxiety.

5 things it's helpful to know if your friend is depressed
Pooky explains a little bit about how depression makes us act and feel to help you understand better if you have a loved one who is struggling with depression.

Why is weight restoration so important when treating anorexia?
Pooky answers a question she's often asked which is why there is a focus on weight restoration during the early stages of treatment for anorexia nervosa though this can cause distress


Book Review - Life after my husband's suicide - Sue Henderson
In her book, Sue draws on 25 years as a social worker, 15 years as a parent widowed by suicide and research into bereavement to create a book that is part memoir, part guide.

Anxiety: 6 ways to make life more manageable
Pooky explores 6 strategies that you can use to make life more manageable for a young person (or any person) who is struggling with anxiety.

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