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**Call For Posters** SAPHNA Conference 12.06.2018

Cherylynn Wray - Tuesday, April 10, 2018 -

The call for posters is an opportunity for individuals and teams to showcase your work to support children young people and families.


If you would like to take this opportunity, please complete the information below and email to by closing date April 20th





Contact details


Abstract: Please provide a brief no more than 300-word overview of the content of your poster and how it contributes to the theme of the conference:





Please note you must register and pay for the conference if your poster is accepted.


We will email by May 4th if your application to do a poster has been successful.


Before completing your poster please read the following guidance:


Guidance on displaying your poster

To confirm that you wish to display your poster you must register and pay to attend the event by May 12th. Once you have done this we will have a record of your attendance and a display board will be reserved for your poster. Please click the following link, pay and register for the event.


Where/when can I set up my poster display?

We will open the poster hall to all poster presenters on the 11th June after 4pm. You can choose to come at this time and set up your display, alternatively you may bring your poster with you and set up on the morning of the event before 9.30am.Each poster will be allocated a space and our team will be on hand to direct you to the correct board.


What will I need to bring to display my poster?

 You will not need to bring anything in order to attach your poster to the display board, we will provide fasteners for this. However, if you would like to have any handouts or business cards on display then you are welcome to bring these along with a sleeve or something similar and fasten to your display board.

Shipping and deliveries: We cannot accept any onsite deliveries or shipments of posters to the venue or our offices. We highly recommend that you have your poster printed out and secured in a poster tube prior to your travel to the conference.We will not have any on-site facilities to print posters and we cannot print these and bring them to the event for you. We also cannot guarantee that we will have storage for your poster tubes or packaging if you bring these with you. We will not take responsibility for any loss or damage to your poster or poster packaging.


What happens in a poster viewing session?

During the poster viewing sessions you need to be at your poster board and you should be able to describe the key elements of your project and findings within a short period of time, giving people the chance to ask questions about your poster after your presentation. This is a great opportunity to highlight the work you have done, as well as network with other attendees.


Top tips for poster sessions

Please arrive 10 minutes before the session is due to start, and ensure you know where to find your poster.


Questions you might be asked during your session

Tell us more about your organisation or the environment your improvement project was in?

What were the biggest challenges in doing this work?

How sustainable is your project?

If you were to start again, what would you do differently?

What one message would you like other delegates to learn from your experiences undertaking this project?

Are there any issues you still need help with? Is there anyone in the group with expertise in those areas?


Top tips for designing and producing your poster

What is a poster display?

A poster at a conference is a great way to outline new information, improvement strategies, celebrate success, ideas, case studies, or projects that an individual or organisation would like to share on an international scale. Delegates will have the opportunity to browse posters throughout the conference, and poster presenters may get the opportunity to present their work to small groups by joining a presentation session.


Top tips for designing your poster

The aim is to tell a story that is clear and could inspire others. It should communicate all the key points you want to get across without any additional explanation.


1. Title: The title should make it instantly clear what the poster is about. Do not use abbreviations or acronyms as the person viewing your poster may not know what these mean. Try to make it snappy and attention grabbing; you want your work to stand out among hundreds of other posters


2. Section headings: Use section headings to make key messages on your poster standout


3. Word count: The person viewing your poster should be able to understand the key messages from it in 3 to 5 minutes and read the text in under 10 minutes. You may find it effective to reduce the number of words in your poster. Try not to use long sentences and cut out words that do not add meaning to your sentences. Use phrases or bullet points.


4. Pictures and diagrams: Pictures and diagrams add visual interest to your poster. Infographics are also useful for displaying information at a glance. Remember to ensure your pictures are high enough quality to be printed at a large size.


5. Contact information: Adding your email address or/and social media handle gives people the option to get in touch if they want to know more about your work.


6. Design: Although it has an impact on printing costs, effective use of colour on your poster can help to highlight key information and helps your poster to stand out.


7. Key messages: Viewers may not have the time or wish to read all your text. A succinct introduction and clearly outlined learning points will help other delegates to understand your main messages.


Layout of your poster:

Sizing and design requirements: We recommend you print your poster on A1 sized poster paper 59.4 x 84.1cm.All posters must be landscape in style. Please make sure your poster matches the size we have specified below, if your poster does not meet these requirements onsite then we may not be able to accommodate it for display. This will allow sufficient room on your display board for any additional handouts you may like to add. Each poster will be assigned one poster board to which it will be affixed to. We will supply the fixtures to secure your poster to the display board. The display board your poster will be attached to are blue felt and are approximately 1-metre-wide X 2.5 metres high.

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