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SAPHNA, the School and Public Health Nurses Association, was officially launched on 1st January 2006. The original SAPHNA Executive had previously formed the CPHVA School Nurses committee, so were well versed and experienced in the issues and needs of the profession, children young people and families.


School and Public Health Nurses all over the UK had consistently called for a professional organisation that was dedicated to their needs. Having been a marginalised workforce for many decades there had never been a better time to work in the profession. SAPHNA quickly developed a well-respected profile and were immediately recognised as a valuable asset to the profession and to key stakeholders.


We are a professional organisation dedicated to the promotion of excellence in practice, taking forward the public health agenda by working in partnerships for the benefit of children and young people and the communities where they live and learn.


Since its' inception, SAPHNA has gone from strength to strength and is now a valued and esteemed non-union-affiliated Professional Association, recognised and utilised locally, nationally and indeed, internationally. Demand for our services continues to grow and therefore our profile and influence does also.


SAPHNA was formed by a group of experienced School and Public Health Nurses from all around the UK. You can learn more about our history, what we do and the principles and values which drive us throughout this portion of our website. To find out more about what makes our team the right folks to lead the association, visit the Meet The Team section of this website. We each individually bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience from a broad cross-section of areas spanning many years.


Additionally, we work with a wide variety of other charitable organisations, pharmaceutical companies and professional associations to continue improving the lives of children and young people; to learn more about the partners we work closely with, click here.


A shared passion for improving the health and well-being of children and young people is what has and keeps us determined to continue in our mission and tenacious dedication. In addition we have recently expanded our team and will be announcing the new additions and their key roles in the near future. This added resource will enable us to respond to the ever growing demand for our services and to support the fast-moving ongoing development of the School Nursing profession.

Professional Officer Sharon White, OBE says:

“The diverse and ever-increasing demands of the Public Health role of those of us working with school-age populations, their families and communities require the robust support of a professional organisation that fully understands the needs of its' members. I have no doubt that this Association, which is fully aware of these challenges, will be able to offer this.”

Pat Jackson, former Chairperson of SAPHNA says:

“I was delighted to be involved from the start in what I think is an exciting development in the history of School and Public Health Nursing. The health of children and young people has never been higher on the political agenda as it is now and it is only right that those professionals working to deliver this agenda should have access to a professional organisation that caters specifically for their needs.”





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